At Restoration Church, stories are important to us. They have the ability to inspire, encourage, challenge, and connect. So, we want to share our stories about following Jesus with the hope of connecting our community through conversations. Weekly, Dave and Ceci talk with people from Restoration in order to get to know them better and understand where they came from. Below you can listen to stories that were already shared, and if you would like to connect with the people sharing their story their e-mail is listed in the description. Finally, if you would like to share your story you can e-mail Dave [].



How to share the Gospel

Below you will find a number of tools that will help you share God's story.

Click HERE to download a picture of the the Roman's Road verses.

Click HERE to download a document with the Roman's Road verses and other verses.

Click HERE to download three circles booklet.

Click HERE to watch three circles video.